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Check in / Check out

1. Check in is from 2 pm. We kindly ask you to let us know the approximate time of your Arrival.

2. Check out is by 12 am. Departing guests must remove all their belongings from their rooms. (However if the room was empty for the previous night, the Guest can have it earlier. Please note that we cannot guarantee an Early-Check-in).

Registration / Payment

1. Valid identification is a requirement. We accept a Passport, Photo ID / Driver’s License. Management may request additional information from guests.

2. Payment has to be done in cash upon arrival. Payment is made for the whole length of the stay.

3. With your reservation we cannot guarantee a specific bed, only the category booked. If you do have a particular favorite, however, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Age Restrictions

1.Minimum age – 18 years

2. Maximum age – 50 years

3. If you are older than 50 – the whole Room has to be booked, even if you are travelling alone.

4. No one under the age of 18 or over the age of 50 can share a dormitory with anyone who is not part of their group.

5. If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a responsible adult. (The whole room must be booked)

Group Bookings

1.If you have a group booking (more than 5 people) we will always try our best to put the whole group in the same room.

2. If you are traveling as a Big group and consider booking the whole house (up to 16 people), please, contact us directly for a Special price offer.


1. Cancellations must be made 5 days before your scheduled arrival in order to receive a refund. Otherwise 100% of your full stay will be charged.

2.If the booking is cancelled 5 or more days before arrival then a charge equal to the first night of the stay will be made.

3. If you do not arrive on the given arrival date, then please note that your entire stay will be cancelled.

Safety, Personal belongings & General rules

1.Respect other guests, staff and the hostel’s accommodation.

2. Management is not responsible for any loss of items.

3. People who are not paying guests are not allowed in the rooms, and at night they are not allowed in the building.

4. If there is no one at the front desk (specially during the night), please make sure the front door is closed properly when you enter.

5. Always close the door of your room when you enter or leave.

6. Animals / pets are not allowed in the hostel.

7. Any drugs or weapons are strictly forbidden.

8. Using alcohol is forbidden in the bedrooms.


1. Please keep your room and common areas of the hostel clean and tidy to help us maintain the cozy and friendly atmosphere.

2. Common areas are available to all residents. Do not leave or store anything there. After using Hostels belongings (board games, books & magazines, etc) – please place them back.

3. Keep the bathroom area clean. Tidy up after yourself. Store your belongings in provided storage places.


1.Kitchen is common and well equipped. Guests are welcome to use the cooking, eating and drinking utensils provided, but they should be thoroughly cleaned after use. All leftover food and rubbish must be put in the rubbish bin. We also provide barbeque facilities.

2. Food may only be prepared and eaten only in the designated areas. (Kitchen & BBQ area outside).

3. Food should be stored in the provided storage places. Food in the fridge should be stored in special plastic containers provided by the hostel.

4. Due to fire protection requirements, insurance standards and health regulations, the use of electrical appliances for the preparation of food or hot beverages in your rooms is not permitted.

5. You are responsible for the cleaning of the kitchens’ counter, floor, sink and appliances used for the preparations of your meals. (Also includes the fridge & BBQ facilities).


For the comfort and safety of our guests-and to comply with the Cyprus law – we operate a “nonsmoking” policy throughout the hostel. Smoking is permitted in common terraces and in the garden.


1.A charge of 10 € will be charged for any lost of the main door/room keys.

2. A charge of 15 € will be charged for any lost of the locker lock pad.

3. If you lose or damage any property belonging to Lemongrass Hostel, we will have to charge you for it. The compensation must be paid immediately and in cash.

Extra Charge services

1.Extra Bed linen – 6 €

2. Extra Towel – 2 €

3. Laundry facilities – 6 €